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Uşak Municipality Service Building, 2013 




Vaziyet Planı





Uşak Municipality Service Building is located in the 'City Center' to be newly created, where the urban transformation begins. The project site is located on the west side of this newly transformed urban area, which is closest to the current city center, since it is the first place to come to this area from the existing city center.  It is envisaged to be a 'Focus Point', and an 'Urban Gate' through which the transition to the urban transformation area is provided.

In this context, it is thought that the building to be built on the project land will have a form that will allow the transition to the quieter transformation area on the east side, while creating a 'City Square' that will create a focal point on the road wall where the relative movement is high on the west side.


These circulation criteria of pedestrians were taken into consideration in shaping the building. Under the traces of an equilateral triangle roof, the western façade of the building is retracted, allowing the transition to the urban transformation area, while creating an eaves with the negative space it leaves, strengthening the relationship of the building with the open public space in front of it.

This retreat of the western front has also been positive in terms of solar control as it minimizes the westward orientation. The façade facing this direction is protected from the unwanted effects of the sun by vertical solar control elements.


The triangular form of the building created two open public spaces on the project plot. westward  Town Square, to the east  Park.

While the main entrance of the Service Building is given by the City Square, which is quite lively during the day, all social areas are arranged on the quieter Park side. The building also has an entrance from the parking lot.


The multi-purpose hall is again on the east side but under the ground. created before  Lower Square  privatized within itself, created a third open public space. The level difference between the City Square and the Lower Square was arranged as an amphitheater, and the Lower Square was turned into an event square. The underside of the city square was arranged as a closed car park, and the shuttle service to the Lower Square was provided from here. The lower square has become a public space enriched with eating and drinking units.


The public area on the east side of the ground level was arranged as a green area, and units such as cafes and kindergartens were resolved independently in this direction, and it was thought to be suitable for use outside of working hours. This area, which is covered with a large pergola, establishes a freer relationship with the service building.

Municipal buildings should be easily accessible and places should be easily perceived,  The plan setup of the building has been tried to be solved quite simply. Offices are placed on the north and southeast sides of the equilateral triangle form. Thanks to the gallery space created in the middle, all floors are perceptible, and an open main staircase is arranged in the middle of the atrium, making it easily accessible. Fire escapes and toilets are arranged in the north and southeast wings. The interiors of the offices are arranged as open offices to allow flexible use. Archives are arranged in the basement to allow natural light and ventilation.


Under the square, closed, mobile parking lots are arranged on the north side of the building.

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