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TOKİ-Konya Meram Gödene 804 Residence, Commercial Center, Mosque Project  ,2015 

Kuşbakışı Görünüm

Batı Yönünden Kuşbakışı Görünüm


Çarşı Ofis

Çarşı Ofis

Sokak Görünümü

Sokak Görünümü

Avlu Görünümü

Architectural Authors: Korkut Yıldırım , Harun Ekerbiçer



The campus has a total gross construction area of 124,532 m², 804 residential units (529 2+1 and 275 3+1), 1 bazaar and office block, 1 mosque, spread over 51 blocks.  and 4 underground parking blocks.


In the settlement on the land with a sloping topography, a linear solution parallel to the slope was adopted in principle, allowing the blocks to sit on natural elevations. This solution provided both ease of construction and cost, as well as significant advantages for users.


The creation of "Sub-Neighborhood Clusters" is the basis for bringing together the residential blocks in the project. With these sub-clusters, it is aimed to strengthen the “Neighborhood” unit and to create a sense of belonging by ensuring that each individual in the campus owns their own subgroup. The low-scale social facilities included in each cluster also strengthened these relations.

The residential units are designed to make maximum use of natural ventilation and light.  In units with at least 2 façades, it is aimed for the users to live a life without breaking away from nature within the low-rise block setup.


It is aimed to separate the vehicle traffic from the pedestrian traffic without ignoring the user convenience throughout the campus and the main vehicle circulation is provided by an inner road that continues parallel to the slope. By using the slope throughout the plot, this solution has increased the use of pedestrian and green space by placing 4 parking blocks underground.


The focus on the next scale of all these clusters  It forms a district square surrounded by the bazaar/office block and the mosque. The 6-storey office block rises above the 2-storey bazaar block, creating a landmark for the region at the same time.

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