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TOKİ Gaziantep Şehitkamil Permanent Earthquake Housing, 2023

Project Land: Gaziantep, Şehitkamil, Kuzeyşehir

Project Area: 201.274 m²

Total Construction Area: 134,862 m²

Total Number of Independent Sections: 1,358 Residences + 1 Bazaar + 1 Mosque


Architectural Project Services Provided:

Concept Project

Preliminary Project

Application Projects

“Gaziantep is one of our provinces that hosts the original civil architecture examples of our traditional architecture. While grasping the essence of traditional architecture and taking reference, the project was handled with an understanding that would meet today's living requirements by using contemporary understandings and techniques without trying to imitate the formal features of the past. While the residential blocks were staggered at different heights within themselves to match the street texture and scale, a movable façade setup was achieved with open overhangs. With the local stone cladding used on the ground floors, the occupancy-to-space ratios on the windows, the eaves and the exterior colors used, a simple architectural language compatible with the local architecture was tried to be achieved.


We can see the neighborhood culture in traditional urbanism in street life, green space and garden use. In the project, solutions such as courtyards, social areas such as children's playgrounds, sitting areas, sports areas that allow people to come together, and solutions such as a street setup with sub-residential shops, bazaars and mosques that meet the needs of daily life can be evaluated in this context.


Urban living spaces in the project are planned to be streets with commercial activity and vehicle traffic, and quiet inner gardens isolated from vehicle traffic. The commercial units planned to bring vitality to the area on the ground floors of the blocks facing the boulevard were intended to be an attraction area for the residents of the neighborhood. Although it was not built with the logic of a closed site, the privacy and security of the residents were taken into account with the courtyard planning. Entrances to the blocks were made from the street side, and direct exits to the backyards were made. Common use areas that ensure the continuation of the neighborhood culture and the socialization of the residents; The courtyards between the blocks were planned as social areas such as sports fields, children's playgrounds, sitting and resting areas. It was aimed that these areas will be the meeting point of the people of the neighborhood and contribute to the living of the neighborhood culture. 


In the settlement, recreational activity areas were offered to users of all ages with landscape design using endemic plants and trees in the middle of the blocks, isolated from vehicle traffic, seating areas, sports fields and children's playgrounds, and disabled-friendly arrangements and practices were included in the parking lots and all areas of the settlement.


The project, which was built as the 10th stage of the project in Kuzeyşehir, located within the boundaries of Şehitkamil district, is 17 kilometers from the center of Gaziantep. The area will be a safe and sound new living center when the other phases that are currently under construction are completed.


The project, which has a construction area of approximately 201 thousand square meters on a land of 134,862 square meters, consists of 93 residential blocks, a trade block and a mosque. The project includes 1,358 residences and 40 shops, 867 of which are 2+1 flats, and 491 are 3+1 flats. In the application, which has 101,750 square meters of green space, sports and children's playgrounds and 8,294 square meters of social equipment, there is a parking lot for 813 vehicles, all of which are open.

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