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Pernod Ricard Istanbul Office , 2018

Project Location  : Spine Tower Maslak, Istanbul

Project Area: 850  m²

Mechanics: Epm Engineering

Electricity: Element Elk

Photo: Sahir Ugur Eren

Architectural project and implementation commitment was made by AIDA Architecture.

In the process that started with Pernod Ricard's decision to settle on the 19th floor of Spine Tower, located in Maslak, Istanbul, for the new headquarters of Pernod Ricard, which includes many beverage brands, the demands from the architectural team will reflect the spirit and energies of the office environments and are in the growth projection. It was to be an office that would meet their needs.

A young, dynamic and fun employee  In the office we designed with the motto of activity-based work, physical conditions have been created for Pernod Ricard, who has a staff of 4,6 employees. In order to provide this flexibility, by constructing work areas and social areas together,  A clear boundary was avoided. In this way, it was ensured that social areas became a part of the working area and supported it functionally. in direct contact  While the units were positioned close to each other, it was ensured that all units coincided with the east, north and south directions. On the west side, functions such as event space and meeting room were placed.

Despite the compelling constraints of the circular office form with a net usage area of 850 m², the orthogonal plan setup we have developed is the most innovative solution of the project. Between the square-shaped circulation line placed inside the circular form and the building core  While the remaining areas provide the solution of many different functions such as service, technical areas, storage units, it allows the clear use of open office work areas. While the orthogonal plan arrangement in the circular form creates smoother spaces compared to the radial plan arrangement, it has been very effective in terms of material amount, ease of manufacture and construction time.

Small but many meetings that will allow a few people to hold meetings instead of inefficient and costly large meeting rooms  and individual workspace was distributed throughout the office. It has been designed as a multi-purpose event space, an area where employees can socialize, which will enable large meetings and events, and its technological infrastructure has been designed accordingly. In this area, which has a bar suitable for the company culture and small amphitheater steps.  A warm atmosphere has been created with the choice of materials and colors, a suspended ceiling in the form of a wooden pergola, a brick wall and an olive tree. Plants were used in the middle of the table, on the walls, inside the separators. Instead of a homogeneous lighting, different ambiances were created by using different lighting values on tables, active work areas, social areas and circulation areas.

While some of the brands within the body of Pernod Ricard were designed as brand corners in functional areas such as social areas and meeting areas, other brands found their place with graphic expression and art installations. An installation of bottles belonging to Pernod Ricard's brands was made for this project by artist Ayça Telgeren, in a way that welcomes those who come just across the entrance. The murals were made by the painter Alpagut Ayberk.

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