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Bağcılar Kirazevler Urban Transformation Project, 2021

Project Land: Istanbul, Bagcilar Kirazli Neighborhood

Project Area: 7,471 m²

Total Construction Area: 39,293 m²

Total Number of Independent Sections: 250 Residences + 1 Nursery  


Architectural Project Services Provided:

Concept Project

Permit Projects

Application Projects

Bağcılar Project was designed as a closed site consisting of 4 blocks on a 7471 m² land to be obtained by demolishing the existing As Fatih Site within the scope of urban transformation. The closed site has 3 entrances.


There are a total of 250 flats in the project, including 164 3+1 flats, 82 2+1 flats and 4 1+1 flats. In the residential blocks with 6 flats on the floor, 3+1 flats are positioned on the corner, with 2+1 flats in between.


There are 2 exits in the blocks, the front entrance and the garden exit.  The common open area in the middle of the blocks is equipped with landscape elements such as a children's playground, sports area, sitting areas and ornamental pool. The 2-storey social facility structure was also associated with this area.


A 2-storey parking garage was arranged under the blocks and under the middle courtyard. A car park was provided for each flat, with 201 closed and 49 open.

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