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Izmir Opera House  ,2010 

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When we consider the values of the project land and its surroundings, the fact that the area is by the sea and there is a fisherman's shelter,  The plus potentials of this area are that it is located next to the main curving axis, the filling area that will allow the arrangement of green areas, sports facilities, dense residential areas and educational structures in the immediate vicinity.


The starting point of the project is to shoot an urban scale shot using these potentials.  He wanted to create the center. While doing this, it was decided that the city square of this region, which is expected to be developed, should be designed here. Constructing a dock and pier to reach here from other settlements by sea, transforming the existing shelter into a modern marina, constructing a sightseeing park, eating and drinking places, and small sales units,  will be activated with the construction of the opera house  this area  every moment of the day  It will make it a center of attraction that will keep it alive.


When we look at the design stages, it has developed in the form of determining the road-pedestrian axes, the city square area and the sea transportation station locations, starting from the transportation analysis, and then considering the opera house to be built in this context.


Transportation Decisions

Vehicle Paths: 

The traffic load carried by the street no. 2040 passing in front of the building parcel  taking into account the delay of the road  Since the proposal will interrupt the pedestrian movements in the square and parking area, pass as close to the building as possible and remain under the building entrance platform.  has been planned. The indoor parking lot entrance and exit connections of the building are provided from this road under the entrance platform. The road between the opera house and the residential area is considered as a service road, and the entrances to the warehouse and workshop, artist vehicle entrances are given from this road.

Marine transportation:

The pier, which is planned to be built for those who want to come to the area from the center of İzmir and other districts, is planned to be positioned at the end of the main axis coming from the inner settlements to the beach. Upgrading the existing shelter and transforming it into a marina will make this area a prestigious attraction.


Pedestrian Axles:

In addition to the main axis connecting the inner residential area and the coast, a second-degree pedestrian access road has been created, which joins the marina and the quay promenade along the coast, in the continuation of the road between the opera and the high-rise residential area.



The opera house, pier, is oriented in the direction of the city square, parallel to the main road and the pedestrian axis, in such a way that the front can be perceived on arrival by the road that curves inward from the beach.


internal analysis

When we look at the analysis of the building, the entrance to the front foyer is given from the platform created by lifting 4 meters from the road, while the use of the ground floor at the road level is designed as a closed car park under the foyer.


Large hall volume  from the surrounding foyers  with gallery spaces  The entrances from the foyers to the hall are provided by bridges.


While the use of the land on the north side of the building is left to the artists, administrative and technical personnel, the artist and administration entrance is given from this side of the building. The VIP entrance is given from the front of the building at the road level.


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