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İnegöl Municipality Service Building, 2016



Vaziyet Planı

Vaziyet Planı

Zemin Kat

Zemin Kat

1 kat

1 kat





Architectural Author: Korkut Yıldırım

Assistants: Yağmur Göksüzoğlu, Berkay Oskay

Landscape Project: Süveyda Bayraktar Atagür




The area where İnegöl Municipality Service Building will be located is in the city center, close to heavy human traffic and main transportation roads, with cultural and educational equipment around it,  It is at a point with a high potential to be a center of attraction due to the existence of the green area that starts with the Ceremonial Ground on the east side and continues along the Boulevard as Kuğulu Park and Culture Park.

The project land is facing the Adnan Menderes Boulevard in the 1st degree north.  In this context, while the project was being handled, it was foreseen that the main approach to the building would be from Adnan Menderes Boulevard.

It has been seen that the land allocated as the Municipality Service Area is larger than the building desired to be obtained within the scope of the competition. For this reason, when positioning the building, it leaned on the eastern side of the plot, close to the intersection, ceremonial area, and government square, and on the west side, a reserve that will allow expansion in the future, if needed.  an area is arranged as a park.

In the formation of the building, the structure of the Ottoman Inns, which are also found in Bursa, was taken as a reference. 

In order to prevent the courtyard from being a closed courtyard, completely isolated with office blocks, the Presidential block was turned at an angle towards the Sculpture Park, allowing the courtyard to open out. While the level difference created between the courtyard and the Municipality Square further privatizes the life in the courtyard, this area is thought to be the social meeting point of the citizens and municipality employees. The fact that the courtyard level is one floor below the ground floor also allows the first basement floor to benefit from natural light.

On the ground floor, passages have been created in the building to increase the pedestrian permeability of the courtyard from the directions of Protocol Square, Government Square, Ahmet Ufuk Tokcan Street and Başaran Street. In this way, 'The Courtyard' has become the focal point.

Municipal buildings should be easily accessible and places should be easily perceived,  The plan setup of the building has been tried to be solved quite simply.  Setting up office blocks around the courtyard,  increased the façade surface benefiting from natural light.  Thanks to the gallery space created on the courtyard side of each block, all floors are perceptible and easily accessible by arranging an open main staircase in the middle of the atrium. The interiors of the offices are arranged as open offices to allow flexible use.

The Assembly Hall and the Multi-Purpose Hall are statically placed one above the other due to their wide openings.  The restaurant, kindergarten, multi-purpose hall have been arranged to operate independently of the municipality building and to serve on weekends. In terms of accessibility during working hours, a connection is given to the main building from the foyers of each.

On the 2nd basement floor of the Municipality Service Building, it was arranged as a closed car park, and an exit to the courtyard was provided from here.  A small eating and drinking unit has been placed in the courtyard to bring vitality.

Pedestrian and Vehicle Circulation - Park and Building Integration

Adnan Menderes Boulevard and Park Street interact with the project area in the first degree, and the transportation plan with its immediate surroundings in the direction described by the zoning plan has also been discussed. In this way, Ahmet Ufuk Tokcan and Başaran Sokak, which have a secondary interaction with the area and provide a positive effect in transportation, also come to the fore.

The fact that the municipal center structure is the focal structure in the area and creates a point that will directly affect the development of the city will increase the number of vehicles that will reach the area. For this reason, integrating transportation decisions into the design in a way that will allow a planned development as well as architectural and landscape design will have a positive effect.

Adnan Menderes Boulevard, defined as 30 m in the zoning plan, has been disciplined by the median road junction, two lane inbound and two lane departure vehicle circulation, as well as the creation of vehicle parking pockets at appropriate points, and adequate pavement widths have been provided by taking into account the use of pedestrians. On the other hand, Ahmet Ufuk Tokcan Sokak, another street that interacts with the area, is important for vehicle transportation to the area. The entrance to the closed parking lot is given from this street, and vehicle parking is done on the road.

The 25-meter vehicle road between the Municipality service area and the Ceremony area, which appears in the zoning plan, has been canceled and turned into a double-lane road for service and protocol vehicles. The integration of the municipality area with the ceremony area has been ensured.

  In the project, which includes pedestrian entrances integrated with the transportation network, pedestrian circulation associated with the urban texture has been designed by transforming the pedestrian connections of the passages into pedestrian crossings over the road.



The intense use of official institutions during working hours results in their transformation into a secluded area after working hours or on weekends. Square and park functions are considered together in landscape design in order to highlight the continuous use potential of this area, which is the center of the city, not only at certain hours or days. In this way, it will be possible to integrate both a public space that will be used by the residents of the city and meet their recreational needs, and the municipal structure that will serve the public.

The perception of the proposed municipality structure from Adnan Menderes Boulevard, which will carry the main pedestrian and vehicle density to the area, creates a visual focus with the contribution of the collapsed square opening and the level water elements directed to it. The common opening, which is functional with the event space- amphitheater, refers to the use of the courtyard by creating a space at human scale. In this way, the building comes to the forefront as an element that dominates the square, on the one hand, and on the other hand creates an architectural setup that relates to the human scale and provides a sense of space.

With the landscape project, an accessible and inviting space is offered to pedestrians, while the sculpture park located in the east of the area is integrated with the municipal structure. In this way, in addition to the recreational use of the sculpture park, it is not possible to use it effectively for official celebrations, and it is possible to provide a connection that can be used specifically for protocol entries in official uses of the strong axis formed by the pedestrianization of the connection road between the sculpture park and the municipality structure.

The tree texture of the project area surrounds the area and supports the sense of space in the third dimension. It also offers shaded areas that public spaces need. In the development of this plant texture and associating it with the structural design, shrubs and groundcovers that will attract attention with their colors and scents, as well as the trees used in the guiding form, are included.

The structure of the building, which allows pedestrian passages, made it possible to associate the pedestrian circulation with the municipality structure. In this way, it is aimed to orient the hard floors together with the vegetative areas and to create the general landscape setup.

The reserve area left in the northwest of the area was evaluated as a park associated with the square and was designed for sitting and resting uses.

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