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İBB City Theaters Beyoğlu Stage   ,2008

Architectural Team:  Huseyin Yalcin Saglikova, Burak Saglikova, Korkut Yildirim







       Considering the intensity of the needs program, care was taken to integrate the residential area, which is in a very limited location within the historical urban fabric, with the mass form required by the theater building. Considering the protection decisions, a plan scheme that uses all parcels as much as possible, except for parcel no. 49, was preferred; Hereby, the existing environmental texture  and especially Beyoğlu Tax Office, which is considered a reference, etc. clearance of structures  It was resolved by staying under the ground, and by making as little construction as possible under the ground, possible delays caused by the historical texture of Istanbul underground and causing disruption of construction from time to time were tried to be prevented and economy was tried to be provided.

       The City Theater Museum and the theater were preserved by preserving the old Beyoğlu Tax Office building.  converting to school  In this study, an inner courtyard was created to ensure its integration with the new building.

       It has been deemed appropriate to enter the building from the Şişhane parking lot, from a point where the axes coming from the direction of Istiklal Street and Galata Tower intersect, with a view of the Golden Horn, which is foreseen as a meeting place.

       From the foyers, the inner courtyard, which ensures integration with the old tax office, has been given both by stairs and a flat foot exit from 44.00 elevation, and the courtyard has been utilized when necessary. With the front foyer and partial foyers located on Yolcuzade İskender Caddesi front, dominating the Golden Horn and Şişhane squares, it has been tried to be directed to the view of the old city.

       While the service entrance is given from the Ilk Belediye Street; artist and staff entry  on the other hand, it is directed via a pedestrian road parallel to Büyük Hendek Street via Yolcuzade İskender Street.




       The front lobby of the land, which overlooks the Golden Horn, is climbed to 44.00 elevation, and the front lobby, which serves as a carrier as well as a sunshade, is entered under the feet. It also serves the Trial Theatre.

       In the part of the land between the Main Hall and Büyük Hendek Caddesi, there is the "Service Units Band", which is located on the northwest-southeast axis and serves all 3 halls by using the 48.00, 45.00 and 42.00 levels. There are service spaces and administrative spaces defined as the back of the room, and their connection with all 3 halls is provided by vertical and horizontal circulation elements that will allow all kinds of personnel and needs to be dispatched.

At the 40.00 level, which we can define as under the hall, there is a warehouse, workshops that must be connected with the warehouse, technical volumes and the technical area under the stage.

The Trial Theater, located on the Children's Theater at the entrance level, "Service Units Band" is schematically located on the northwest-southeast axis.  and the entrance is from the Main Hall foyer.




  • Designing a facility with architecture and operation worthy of Istanbul, the 2010 European Capital of Culture.

  • Creating lively and attractive living spaces, especially through entrance, foyer and hall connections

  • A place where the audience at every point of the hall can watch games with the same quality and comfort.

  • Healthy and well-functioning salon-service connections

  • Communal areas that are mobile, spacious and bright as well as low operating costs

  • Measured transparency that attracts while ensuring integration with the former Tax Office

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