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Edirne Housing Development Project, 2022

Project Land: Edirne, Demirkapı Neighborhood

Project Area: 32.923 m²

Total Construction Area: 28,205 m²

Total Number of Independent Sections: 100 Residences + 1 Social Facility Unit


Architectural Project Services Provided:

Concept Project

The project was developed jointly with Architect Cemal Mutlu.


The project development area is a whole island in itself, surrounded by zoning on all four sides. There are campuses consisting of two-storey villas around it and the same type of development is envisaged in the neighboring parcels. The relatively flat area does not suggest a distinct landscape direction. The main goal that is tried to be reached while creating the site plan is that it should not be open to vehicle traffic, unless it is mandatory (except for fire brigade, ambulance disabled vehicle transportation and garbage collection vehicle). The settlement consists of units that provide access from the outer road on the periphery and indoor units. In order to reduce the traffic density and parking garage area, the exterior units form the car parks in front of them, while the indoor units are directed to the indoor parking lot located just after the main entrance.  Thus, the common areas and social facility can be reached on foot in the 100-unit site, and the entire settlement is transformed into a safe area free from vehicle traffic, especially for children and the elderly.


The social center, which is reached by a straight road after the entrance, consists of a simple indoor canteen and administration room on the ground floor. It has a large sitable garden. It works connected to the stairs and elevator that go up from the parking garage to the ground. On the basement floor, there is a sports center apart from the canteen toilets and warehouses. The sports center is connected to the collapsed garden with fresh air and receives a different daylight from the glass placed under the ornamental pool on the ground. 


It was seen that the maximum number of units could be created by choosing a thin and long plan type due to the plot dimensions and the distances to the building. The development of the unit entrances in the middle allowed the creation of different usage zones on the ground, on the upper floor and even on the roof.

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