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Düzce Chamber of Commerce and Industry  ,2010 



The four-way intersection on the south-west side of the project plot constitutes an important reference in terms of orientation, as it is the most active and wide open area of the DTSO Service Building to be built here. It is thought that the form of this corner plot, which faces this intersection and forms a circular fold, is reflected in the building architecture, and the design has been developed in this context.

Considering the cold climate of Düzce, a compact but transparent solution approach has been developed in which the general living spaces of the building to be built are inward-looking, making maximum use of daylight in all spaces. In this direction, a circulation axis in the form of a spine in the east-west direction was created in the center of the plot, and the offices were closed to the east and west, facing north and south, taking into account the comfort of light.

The building consists of a total of 5 floors, including 1 basement, ground floor, 2 normal floors and 1 attic. The ground floor level of the building is the same as the land level. The protocol and main entrances of the building are from the south side, and the general facility entrance is from the east.  There is an exhibition hall between the protocol entrance and the main entrance. Member waiting area is located in the middle section. The foyers of the multi-purpose hall and the dining hall are shared and service can be provided from the kitchen to the foyer when necessary.

While the registry service directly related to the member was solved on the ground floor close to the entrance, the less related general secretariat department was located on the first floor, and the administrative units were located on the second and third floors.

The two-armed main staircase of the building is in the center of the building to remove the intense vertical circulation. The protocol ladder is placed on the axis of the building spine at a point that will fully perceive the interior of the building.

Member waiting, multi-purpose hall on the ground floor with gallery spaces on the circulation axis  and all floors, including the common areas such as the dining hall foyer and the exhibition hall, are effectively provided with natural light.

The structure of the building is reinforced concrete. The trusses forming the middle spine are of steel construction.

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