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Denizli Government House  ,2009 

Architectural Team: Hüseyin Yalçın Sağlıkova, Burak Sağlıkova, Korkut Yıldırım

Landscape Architect: Süveyda Bayraktar Atagür 

City Planner: Nüket İpek Çetin, Nadin Demircioğlu

1. Determining the importance of the building block for urban life and creating a building block that will create a center of attraction in this direction
2. Determining how to give an identity to the building block
3. Conversion and assignment
4. Determination of inlet direction
5. Creating the Square
6. An environmentally friendly positioning
7. Designing the audience in line with function, direction and daylight

The project area, located at the intersection of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard and Kayalık Street, is surrounded by important structures for city life such as Denizli Commodity Exchange and Grand Mosque in the north, Atatürk Museum and historical baths in the northwest, Atatürk Park and underground bazaar in the west, and Gazi Primary School in the southwest. is surrounded.

In addition to the functions of the buildings mentioned above, the administrative and educational structures currently on the building block increase the importance of the project area; and in line with the right decisions and regulations to be taken on the project area, it reinforces the idea that the region will create a synergy for the city and become a center of attraction.


Girls' Vocational High School is important for the city due to its history and the task it has undertaken, and it has been decided to be preserved. In addition, the existing provincial building was converted into a Public Education Center following the necessary strengthening works.  It is thought that together with the Girls Vocational High School and Gazi Elementary School, the project will form the educational pillar.

The stone buildings belonging to the Industrial Vocational High School, on the other hand, allow 3 exhibition halls that can be used together when desired, connected with each other in terms of both their structure and plan scheme. The conference hall is designed in the north of the building and the amphitheater is designed in the east, and both buildings are connected to the exhibition halls with a semi-open passage. .The composition created by these three elements represents the cultural aspect of the attraction center that is planned to be created.


The part of Turan Güneş Street passing through the building block belonging to the project area and 554th Street were canceled and 3 building blocks were converted into a single building block. It was decided to give it to Turan Güneş Street, the new province building was retracted and positioned in order to create a square that can be an attraction point and bounded by the Cultural Center (former Industrial Vocational High School) and Public Education Center. During this positioning, care was taken to preserve or minimize the existing green areas. .


While creating the mass structure, the plan schemes of the buildings on the building block, which are derivatives of each other and rest on the same foundation, and their harmony with each other were taken into account, and the building mass was formed based on the idea that these plan schemes are ideal forms for an administrative structure.

Three 3-storey blocks connected to each other by a hall, which can also be called a passage, are combined with a common eaves to provide solar control. The eaves are conveyed by the columns on the existing axis system and at least one axis overflows from each of the three blocks; In order to transmit the sun's rays to the offices in a controlled manner through the courtyards between the blocks, the main and secondary beams forming the structure were left exposed.


In order to alleviate the traffic of high-density venues such as meeting and dining halls, these spaces are “attached” to the floor halls in the south direction, and the user circulation is provided to use the floor halls deeply.

The block located in the north of the mass was allocated to the presidency and was taken out of the eaves in the west direction in order to differentiate it.

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