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Denizli Municipality Service Building  ,2009




Since the parcel on which the building will be located is surrounded by side streets and building blocks on three sides and a square on the north-east side, the arms of the building were broken to open up to the square and a gallery was created between the two branches.  and the spatial continuity of the square within the building has been tried to be ensured. This space in the center between two blocks on the ground floor is designed like a city lobby where all the spaces can be perceived when entering the municipality building. Exhibition units are located under the monumental staircase rising throughout the gallery.

The town hall has three main entrances, two from the square and one from the back. There are public and presidential entrances on the square side, and the social units entrance on the back. Considering that the social units will also be used at the weekend, a separate entrance has been designed, and the foyers are separated by doors so that visitors cannot reach other units during weekend use. Although the presidential unit has a separate entrance, it is not isolated in terms of the internal functioning of the municipality, on the contrary, the presidential block is connected to other directorates by bridges on each floor.

Units that are directly related to the public, cash desks, and white desks are thought out on the ground floor, so the density is resolved on the ground floor.  indoor circulation traffic is minimized.

The Assembly Hall was cut off from the whole of the building so that it could be perceived from inside and outside the building, it was elevated, covered with different materials and expressed in the most striking form within the mass hierarchy, emphasizing the importance of the assembly. .

Car park entrances and exits have been solved at the lowest points of the land level, thus preventing deep road pits that will occur due to long ramps. The bottom of the square is thought to be a 2-floor parking lot, and it has been solved by the enterprise so that it can be combined with the car park under the municipality building, if desired. In order to control the transportation from the car park under the municipality building to the inside of the building, only the use of elevators belonging to social units is envisaged.

Considering the distances and floor heights, 3 fire escape stairs were used in the building. The exits of all stairs on the ground floor have been resolved to be directly outside the building.


Since the Atatürk Monument is located at a suitable point in terms of perceptibility in the approach from the ring road to the city center, it was kept in its current location, but was rearranged within the integrity of the proposed square design. The Monument has been accepted as a reference in the building orientation.

Square and Event Fringe:

The area is left as wide and empty as possible, since it is foreseen that large masses will gather in the square on important days,  mainly made of hard ground. In order to increase social activity, an activity fringe that integrates with the square and provides service to the square is designed. Newcomers to the city under this eaves  a city information office, cafes, exhibition areas for  and a performance area. In addition, pedestrian connection to the car park under the square is also provided from here. The area on the north side of the eaves is like sitting and resting.  It has been considered as a passive activity area and has been left calm. The fringe formed a permeable boundary between these two areas. While the pools strengthen the breaking form by carrying the lines of the building to the square, they have been a guide in terms of pedestrian circulation. 

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