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Council of State Service Building  ,2008

Architectural Team: Hüseyin Yalçın Sağlıkova, Burak Sağlıkova, Korkut Yıldırım





In the construction of the Council of State Service Building project, the mass effect of the building and  In the entrance halls, the rule of law, transparency of justice, spiritual cleansing with water elements are tried to be symbolized. The design was developed in this direction. It is aimed to analyze the main entrance with a conical ascending effective form and to emphasize the effect of the rule of law on people with the overhead light. of the project  Considering the climatic characteristics of Ankara, it is envisaged that the functional blocks will be in a unity instead of separate blocks with different functions. However, care was taken to preserve the mass expression of each section. The mass of social facilities was cut vertically through the mass formed by the Presidency and general services units, and a common foyer was formed at the intersection of these two masses. There is a conference hall in the west of the intersection and dining halls in the east. There is the Presidency section in the north, the prosecutor's offices and general services and the main entrance in the south. In the north-south direction, 4 multi-storey litigation blocks have been added to the Presidency and the extending general services block. The corridor on the ground floor on the east side of the building,  multi-storey courthouses  It connects it to the general service units and social facility units. Those who descend from the high floors with the fire stairs,  can get out to the garden through the fire escape doors. In addition, social facilities can be accessed from here. Regarding the security of the building against terrorism, the main entrance hall is independent from the building in order to reduce the effect of bomb attacks.  as a conical reinforced concrete massive  as a structure  resolved. The building has three important entrances. The main entrance and social facility entrance are located on the west side, and the presidential protocol entrance is located on the east side, away from the pedestrian and vehicle density of the others. There are two ways to enter the campus by vehicle. Presidency entrance from Ankara-Eskişehir State Highway in the north, and from the new construction road to be opened in the west.  general introduction  has been considered. It is accessed via a covered pedestrian road from the open car park to the main entrance of the building and the social facility entrance. The floors can be reached via elevators from the parking garage in the basement of the building. It is quite large in terms of construction area and  1.4 m was used as the design unit size in the building, which houses different functions, and accordingly, a standard modular system was created in the exterior materials and the office partitions inside. The vertical carrier axle distances are designed as 8.4m (6x1.4m). This was deemed important in terms of construction costs and ease. It has also been found suitable for the underground parking solution in the basement. The building has been designed to grow in a southerly direction, taking into account the increasing needs in the future. In the massive shaping of the project, the main function, seriousness and weight of the building were foreseen, and a thought suitable for the contemporary architectural understanding was dominated. In the project, the water element was used on a very wide plane, and it was thought to represent purity, spiritual purity, transparency and justice. In mass shaping, unnecessary, exaggerated, temporary forms were avoided, and care was taken not to create non-functional unnecessary circulation areas.

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