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Dalyan Club Fitness, 2018

Project Land : Fenerbahce, Istanbul

Project Area: 705 m²

It has 21 acres of land in Fenerbahçe, such as tennis, swimming.  with sports activities  A fitness center project was implemented in an empty area in Dalyan Club, where activities such as eating, drinking and invitations are held. The fitness center, which will be built in the club where athletes of all ages are members, is technology-enabled, using natural light to the maximum, warm, energetic and dynamic air coming from function.  It has been designed with selected materials such as steel, glass, metal mesh, and a timeless architectural language that emphasizes strength and condition with the use of black-weighted color and does not refer to any time.

The main fitness structure was designed in an empty area of 520 m², with a completely demountable steel carrier and facade system, in line with the permissions obtained, provided that it is a light structure. The form of the building, the location of the structures that need to be protected at the moment, and the demands of having maximum usage area in the interior, were shaped based on the perimeter of the land. An adult tree in the plot has been preserved by making a notch in the structure. From this point where the tree coincides, the building is divided into two separate functions as a fitness area and a studio. Due to the form of the building, the roof is inclined in one direction and the rising part of the roof is designed so that the view faces the pool side. The pool façade, which is the only view of the building, is also the west façade. Solar control elements, low-E and reflective glasses were used on this façade. The building has a 3-meter axis system, and the façade, ceiling, lighting and covering elements are designed in this modulation. Due to the fact that the building is located in a green texture, the facades are designed as completely transparent so that the visual relationship with the outside is maximized. Horizontal sliding joinery was built to allow natural ventilation without the need for mechanical conditioning in the spring months.

The intermediate space formed by the main building was strengthened and rearranged as women's and men's dressing areas.  lightweight structure collapsible  closed with the system.

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