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Mosque Project  ,2010 

Architectural Team: Hüseyin Yalçın Sağlıkova, Burak Sağlıkova, Korkut Yıldırım




The starting point of the project is the creation of the form of the religious space, which allows God's commands to spread in waves among people, just like the waves created by a drop of water dripping from a single source, with these circular movements. (Figure 1) The shell form that covers the mosque is considered as a modern interpretation of the dome. taken.

Structural Analysis

The main place of worship is covered by the intertwining of two half-domes, one with a diameter of 26 meters in the direction of the qibla and the other with a diameter of 30 meters in the northwest direction, sitting in the same center. The domes intertwine at an angle of 60 degrees in the southeast direction, preventing unwanted sun rays from entering, allowing the space to be illuminated with a constant daylight.

The lower parts of both domes are open to allow people to see outside. A mezzanine floor was built inside the mosque for women to pray.

While the steel beams of the courtyard cover are supported on the arcaded structure on one side, they rest on the columns on the other side. The height of the dome of the mosque is 15 meters, the height of the minaret is 30 meters. Reinforced concrete shell thickness is 20 cm.

Spatial Editing and Perception

While the mihrab stands out like a slice from the semi-dome in the direction of the qibla, the light coming from the side openings illuminates the mihrab wall, separating it from the relatively dim interior, creating a sense of orientation. While the minaret was designed away from the classical balcony minaret understanding, it was crowned with an illuminated crescent to be lit on special religious nights.

The floor covering of every area where prayers are performed inside and outside the mosque will be covered in accordance with its pure order. The arcaded structure with the gasilhane, imam and muezzin rooms, meeting room and toilets surrounds the courtyard and ends with the minaret in the north. The courtyard, the narthex and the funeral prayer area, which are between the mosque and the building that surrounds it, are covered with a partially open pergola. Separate entrances are arranged in the southwest direction for the funeral vehicle entrance and the gasil room. In this way, it is foreseen that the density that will occur especially after the funeral prayer will be evacuated from this side together with the funerals. The car park is arranged to be close to both the main entrance of the mosque and the funeral entrance.

Circular forms, emphasizing the main idea and completing the form of the mosque, were continued in the plant and structural landscaping.

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