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Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Service Building, 2016

Vaziyet Planı

Vaziyet Planı



Architectural Author: Korkut Yıldırım

Assistants: Yağmur Göksüzoğlu, Hilal Cumhur


The area where the Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Service Building will be located is outside the city center, in an area that is expected to be developed, in a position overlooking the city,  It is close to the main transportation roads, at a point with high potential to be a center of attraction, around which new projects will be built.

The narrow side of the project land is at the 1st degree, facing the Boulevard on the west of the plot.  The landscape direction and the long side of the plot are in the south direction. In this context, when considering the project, the main approach to the building is located on the west side.  It will be from the boulevard,  It is foreseen that the orientation of the building will be along the long side and towards the city view.

It has been seen that the land allocated as the Municipality Service Area is larger than the building desired to be obtained within the scope of the competition. For this reason, when positioning the building, it leaned on the east side of the land, and on the west side, there is a reserve that will allow expansion in the future if needed.  an area is arranged as a park.

While constructing the building, it has been adopted to create a strong street axis that will enable the approach to the building from the main boulevard in the west. This created street becomes an important spine connecting the Boulevard, Park, City Hall, Ceremony Ground, Nursery, and Park (water tank area) in the West. The entrances to the different functions of the building are given over this axis. At the same time, it is thought that this axis will create a lively attraction area with the commercial units facing the park.

Municipal buildings should be easily accessible and places should be easily perceived,  The plan setup of the building has been tried to be solved quite simply.  Setting up office blocks around the courtyard,  increased the façade surface benefiting from natural light.  Thanks to the gallery space created on the courtyard side of each block, all floors are perceptible and easily accessible by arranging an open main staircase in the middle of the atrium. The interiors of the offices are arranged as open offices to allow flexible use.

The Assembly Hall and the Multi-Purpose Hall are statically placed one above the other due to their wide openings.  The restaurant, kindergarten, multi-purpose hall have been arranged to operate independently of the municipality building and to serve on weekends. In terms of accessibility during working hours, a connection is given to the main building from the foyers of each.

Indoor car park on the 1st basement floor of the Municipal Service Building  edited.

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